Why Join the Houston Middle PTO?


While things may look different this year than in year's past, joining the Houston Middle School Parent Teacher Organization remains one of the easiest and most effective ways to support your child, our teachers, and our school. Your annual membership fee helps us serve our students and teachers. Just take a look!


When you join the PTO, you are choosing to...


Support Students and Teachers!
The HMS PTO’s mission is to enhance and support the educational experience at Houston Middle School. Your $15 membership fee helps fulfill that mission by providing funds for activities, supplies, and support for our HMS students, teachers and administrators.


Stay Connected!
This year more than ever it is important to stay on top of everything that is going on at school.

And as our kids get older, let's face it, they just don't tell us everything we would like them to!

The PTO helps connect you to other parents and the school, so you hear more about what is going on. As a PTO member, you will receive a weekly email keeping you in the loop about all that is taking place at Houston Middle. In addition, you will have access to the online PTO directory so you can easily get in touch with other parents.


Get to Know Teachers, Administrators and Other Parents!
Our volunteers partner with administrators, faculty, staff and other parents to support our students, programs, and educational experiences. There are plenty of opportunities available for you to meet teachers and other parents by attending PTO meetings and volunteering at PTO sponsored events. This helps to facilitate relationships with the people that influence your children.


Influence Positive Change!
The PTO can be a way for you to effectively impact positive change at Houston Middle. The HMS PTO plays an important role in fundraising to provide classroom tools, curriculum-based programs, and social events. In addition, administrators regularly attend our PTO meetings and address and answer questions about issues of interest. By getting involved at HMS you will be part of the solution, helping make positive changes that impact our students and teachers.


For less than 4 cents a day, you can become a Houston Middle School PTO member.

You will be joining hundreds of other HMS families who share your care

for the students, teachers and administrators at HMS. Please join us today!